For clients who are looking for a unique and extraordinary portrait experience, theme photography based on creative concepts are a fantastic way to craft a photoshoot around your personality and interests. These can be shot as full sessions, or as mini Simplicity Sessions, depending on how elaborate you want your theme.


Rosie the Riveter is an American icon, whose images have been used by feminists (ie. people who believe women deserve equality and respect) as a symbol of female economic power.  A  1942 song of the same name depicts the story of a factory worker, on the assembly line to support the war effort.  Posters and propaganda films inspired a cultural movement that increased the amount of women in the workforce, and she came to represent the idea that women were just as capable of working as their male counterparts.

Her influence has been the subject of much post war discussion. Did she open the doors forever for women in the workforce? Or was she a cog in the war propaganda machine, and didn’t help the cause of women because after the war most women returned back to their kitchens?

Controversial. But instantly recognizable.



This photoshoot was designed around the costume she wears for a Western Saloon themed shooting range. We shot at Old Town Spring, to use the vintage western styled buildings for a backdrop. This session was shot and posed  more like a standard senior portrait session, as a stylized theme shoot.



The photoshoot was inspired by high fashion style, mixed with the concept of an urban ballerina. The classic ballerina elements of costume, such as the pink corset and tutu, were combined with edgy street accessories and modern touches like the iPod for juxtaposition. This photoshoot was styled by the client’s own wardrobe, with makeup artistry, with more of a fantasy inspired style.

Are you interested in a creative theme session for your next photoshoot?  Email me using this contact form HERE.

For more information, check out this page for FULL SESSIONS or here for mini SIMPLICITY SESSIONS.

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