Sorority Rush

Are you a graduating senior, considering rushing at a sorority when you enter college or university in the fall? It might seem very far away, but it’s not too early to start preparing and setting up a date for your sorority recruitment portraits.  You’ll be sending out those packages before you know it, and summer comes faster than you think, especially during the busy senior year!

Don’t be nervous about your portraits! Sororities aren’t looking for a certain “type” of girl or a certain look or style. They just want to see what you look like, so they recognize you when you show up for events and interviews. So for your portraits, just wear something simple and chic, like you’re attending a garden party or family event. Trendy, but classy!  So what type of portraits are they looking for?

The winning classic is a close up shot of you, professionally taken, that shows you as you are with your beautiful natural smile as you look into the camera. This says so much about you, and who you are, without artifice. You’ll win them over with your genuine smile and lack of pretense.


SORORITY MINI                                         SORORITY PLUS

20 minute session                                                  30 minute session
local outdoor location                                            local outdoor location
    private online viewing gallery                                  private online viewing gallery
3 digital files                                                      5 digital files
$150 + tx                                                         $200+tx

          Digital download with printing rights        

Show off your personal style with a three quarter and full body shot. It’s best to wear something like you’d wear to recruitment events, rather than an outfit that will seem to clash with who they’re meeting in person. Consistency will help you stand out, as you curate your own personal style recognized by others.


If you have your recruitment portraits in mind when we’re shooting your senior portrait session, we can be sure to get a great set that all coordinates together and has the attitude, style and posing that is right for your recruitment package. And, you’ll be perfectly styled since your hair and make up will already be styled by my preferred make up artist!

If you choose, you can arrange a special shoot just for your senior rush pictures. These SORORITY RUSH PORTRAIT PACKAGES are short and sweet, and we’ll carefully curate a series of portraits tailored to the sorority you want to rush. With the right planning, sorority rush will be way less stressful since you’ll be confidant and prepared for when you start the process. Let’s take that first step, with your beautiful portraits.