As a photographer, I see clients for the events and milestones that are life altering  —  family reunions, engagements, high school senior year, college graduation and yearly family portraits to document our lives as time moves on. We photograph our newborns, our weddings, our silver wedding anniversaries. These are the big moments!

However, for a brief space of time, we stop inviting professional photography into our lives. We make do with a cookie cutter snapshot from the school and that one photo is filed away to represent the child at that age and grade. At the very moment our children are blossoming right before our eyes, making the important transition from childhood to adulthood, we don’t hire a professional to capture this very special transition stage. The Tween Years. That beautiful age when our older children are full of smiles, still enjoy fun and games and hanging out with their parents, before friends and college prep take over.  These are the carefree years, between 10 and 13, when their personalities really come out and shine!



  MINI SESSION                                             MINI PLUS

30 minute session                                                  45 minute session
local outdoor location                                            local outdoor location
                  private online viewing gallery                                  private online viewing gallery                 
    10 digital files with upgrade option                              15 digital files with upgrade option 
    $400 + tx                                                         $500+tx

          Digital download with printing rights        


We’ll shoot at an outdoor location of your choice, or in your own home to personalize the session. Outdoor sessions will take place an hour before sunset. Sessions typically take place on Friday nights, but some weekend dates may be available depending on the season.


Make the most of this precious all too short glorious time with your tween and celebrate with photographs! Booking a Tween Session is so much more than a portrait session. It’s a shared memory the two of you will have forever – like the day she got her ears pierced, or the first time you took her for a spa day.  It’s a fun afternoon together, laughing and just spending time with each other.