Celebrating Milestones – The Woodlands Photographer

For this wonderful lady’s very special birthday, the entire family flew in for a family photo shoot as a gift to her.  For special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, the gift of beautiful photographs of everyone together is something the entire family will enjoy and have as keepsakes forever, photographs that are passed down to children and grandchildren.

They chose to have their family reunion photographed at their very own property in the Woodlands. I think it’s a wonderful idea if you have the space and light on your own land to have your family portrait session.  So how is it different when shooting at your home, instead of on location?



Before your session, I’ll visit your home and property to scout it out for the best light and backdrop, so we are prepared before the day of the shoot. I look for natural framing, and corners with filtered light to infuse your family portraits with a sunny glow without the harshness of direct sunlight, irregular patterns of dappled lighting,  or the dull colours and flat light of heavy shade. We’ll have the opportunity to talk about wardrobe choices, and match your perfect outfit with your location and home so your family pictures reflect your style.


This also gives us a chance to evaluate the space where you will hang your family portrait, so when it comes time to order we’ll know exactly which size and ratio will look best, and if a canvas, mounted print or metallic is right for your personal decor.  It also helps to bring together the total colour harmony when choosing your outfits. If your living room is blue and white, we can choose outfits that will complement your space so it doesn’t look out of place.

Being prepared before we shoot ensures all the details are accounted for – the location, the styling and the colours of the room.  You can be confidant that when you finally hang that print on the wall, it will be the perfect fit.

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