Adorable Sisters – Professional Photographer The Woodlands

Another gorgeous day for a family portrait session for this family from Spring, TX. A clear blue sky, beautiful fall light, a field of wheat coloured grasses and these adorable sisters – such a fun session!

For family portraits with little ones, I make sure to leave enough shooting time to accommodate snacks and time outs, and some cuddles with their favourite blanket or teddy bear. We’ll start with the family together, since at the beginning of the session children are often the most coooperative and a little curious, which helps get those formal shots where we want eye contact. We will move on to  mother-daughter and daddy-daughter portraits, so every child gets a special moment alone with mom and dad. They love this part of the photoshoot!  I won’t let you get away with not having a shot of the two of you together either — children love to see portraits of their parents, and walking by a portrait of their parents happy and together has been proven to help boost their self esteem and happiness!






 The kids are usually more at ease towards the end of the session, to get some individual and sibling shots. Families often worry about their little ones not cooperating, and sometimes all the naps and kisses in the world can’t make the portrait seem less scary for toddlers. With time and patience, we’ll get those family portraits you’re looking for! Some of my favourite child photographs are of the children just being themselves – and if teddy, a soother, or a comforting blanket is a part of your child’s life right now, making it a part of the portrait session (even if just to help soothe tears) may be something you’ll be thankful for years from now. I aim to capture your family, your children, as they are so you have those visual reminders in the years to come how they are NOW, while they’re little. Embrace this now, and document it forever.





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