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  • Welcome to my space. I'm Shannon, your outdoor senior, maternity, engagement and family photographer inThe Woodlands, Oak Ridge, Conroe, Tomball and northern Spring TX.

    I love the serene and beautiful; the strong and dramatic. In creating artistic portraits, my goal is to tap into different aspects of the human spirit. The peaceful side, our inner souls. The quirky side, what makes us unique. And the hopeful and joyous side, when we embrace the beauty of living out loud.

    I'm also a recognized volunteer photographer for the charity Inspiration Through Art Project. You can find out more about this organization by visiting

    My family portraits done by the amazing Yvonne Min, at Yvonne Min Photography, Denver.

Choosing Your Wall Portrait Size, Style and Format: The Woodlands Portrait Photographer

The family portrait is an important investment, so it’s very important to ensure you have carefully considering the overall look, style and proportion for the final piece. When you family, senior, engagement or maternity portrait session is completed, I invite clients for an in person Viewing Appointment so I can personally help you choose the perfect size, ratio and medium for your wall portrait. I’ll show you samples of the products I offer, so you can inspect and touch the products yourself.

For gallery wrapped canvases, these come ready to hang and you do not need to frame them. Metals are designed to be hung without a frame to show off the superior gloss, and the sturdy waterproof and UV resistant design means you don’t have to worry about sun or water damage. For photographic prints I offer complimentary styrene mounting so you can mount your portrait on the wall without a frame, and it’s thin enough to put in wall frames.  Here is a comparison of a senior portrait from a session in the Woodlands.


OPTION 1:  16×20 frame, with matted 8×12 print. The portrait keeps  it’s original ratio and composition intact with black mat before being inserted into a  frame. The matted frame means you don’t have to crop the original shot. There is a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from, for custom or traditional matted frames.



OPTION 2: 16×20 with 16×20 cropped print. This option zooms in larger on the image, but crops out some of the background and the subject.





OPTION 1: A mounted print, metal or canvas without the frame. The traditional camera ratio for older cameras was 4:5, which created the infamous 8×10 desk print. As a wall portrait, your image would be sized 16×20. Since the camera shoots at a 2:3 ratio, this crops your image.



OPTION 2: A mounted print, metal or canvas without the frame, left in it’s original composition and ratio. This size works well for image of standing subjects, where you want to keep the surrounding environment. For this image, it’s the best choice for this particular image to keep the beautiful field around her.



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Family Photographer in the Woodlands – Classic Portraits

This wonderful family from the Woodlands was such a breeze to photograph for their holiday portraits. Just about everything was perfect for their family session – the weather was gorgeous, the light was right, the fall colours were in full splendor, and this family styled their portraits beautifully. The navy blue is a great hue for shooting family portraits outdoors, and the accents of neutral cream and brown are the perfect match.

For family pictures, we shoot some formals with the entire family together, happy and having fun, for a great canvas or mounted print for the wall portrait. This will be the centre-piece of your home gallery set, on the wall or above the fireplace. Add in some complementary shots of the parents together, and the kids, and you have a fantastic wall cluster of canvases or framed prints.

photographers the woodlands

We’ll also take some fun portraits of the entire family, where they’re a little more lifestyle oriented, or candid. Formal portraits are fantastic for showcasing in the home, but these fun family pictures make great cards,  gifts, or collages and family albums. Kids love to see photos of their family having fun together, and laughing, and you’ll remember years from now how your family laughed together and enjoyed just being together.

the woodlands photographers

family photographer the woodlands

family photographer the woodlands

fun family portraits the woodlands


Collections of the family combinations together also make great collages, especially for desk prints in the home or office.

the woodlands family photographers



Are you looking for a family photographer in the Woodlands, Spring, Oak Ridge or Conroe area? Call 832-663-5128 to inquire about a session or email me directly with THIS FORM.

To find out more about full sessions, check out my INFO PAGE and click HERE to see my family portrait portrait slideshow gallery.


Megan - Love the one of them all laughing and hugging. Those are my favorite type of family pictures.

Irene - I just love those collages – so sweet. And yes, that first shot is definitely one that needs to be BIG! So beautiful!

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Christmas and New Years Sessions in The Woodlands

This family had two series done for their holiday portraits this year! First, the super fun family photos for personal use, and just to have fabulous images from 2104, as they are now. Check out their family portrait series by CLICKING HERE.

Then, for the special images to put on their Christmas cards to send out to family and friends, we shot this series in their holiday outfits (love the red!) for special holiday themed family portraits. With my super quick turn around time, families have more than enough time to put their cards together and mail them out, or to create digital cards for emailing and posting online.

Love this family! Thank you for choosing me for your Christmas card session this holiday season!




It’s not too late! Personally, with my busy fall season, I rarely get the chance to send out cards in December. So, I send out Happy New Years cards instead, after the busy season is behind me and I have more time. I know you’re busy too! If you didn’t have time in your schedule this season for Christmas or holiday cards, you can still get some great shots to send out cards to friends and family to wish them a Happy New Year!

If you want to book a session, call 832-663-5128 or email me directly with this CONTACT FORM. Check out my family gallery HERE.

April O'Hare - I usually can’t get mine out in time for Christmas either. I love that there are starting to be some really fun options for New Years Cards instead. I think they’re great for us folks who are a little more secular too:)
I love what they wore to their session. And I’m so jealous that your outdoors still look so green too!

Megan - Love their clothing choice. Great looking family!

Yvonne - What a wonderful family session!

Amber Aileen - What a stylish family! Great job on these!!

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Child Photographer in The Woodlands – Birthday Session

This is sweet little Noah, and his mama contacted me to do a very special shoot to celebrate his third birthday. I offer short one hour “mini shoots” in Spring and the Woodlands for exactly these kind of sessions — to celebrate a milestone or just get a handful of beautiful portraits to remember this moment, this now, and how someone special in your life is at this point in time. Our children change so fast, and keeping an album of yearly pictures or a wall of portraits as they grow up is a great way to capture forever every stage of their life.

This little sweetie and his big blue eyes was full of wonder and giggles. And his blue shirt was the perfect outfit to show off those gorgeous eyes!





Would you like to celebrate a milestone with photographs? Do you want to start keeping an album of your children, to capture them as they are year to year, or have a framed wall gallery? To inquire about a session, call 832-663-5128 or email me directly with this CONTACT FORM.

To see my Children’s Portrait Gallery click HERE. To learn more about short ‘mini sessions’ visit the INFO PAGE.

Megan - What an adorable little guy! Beautiful work.

Jeni - Oh my…what a cutie pie! Love these! The first one with his mama has to be my favorite. Such a treasure!

Heather Avrech - What an adorable little boy…those baby blue eyes!!! <3 <3 Great work!

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Mini Collages for Home and Office Desks – The Woodlands Photography

When it comes to how you’ll display the images from your senior, family, maternity or engagement portrait session, there are a lot of choices out there. I will guide you at your viewing and ordering session, showing you all the fantastic products I offer in person so you can see them close up and feel the superior quality.  From large groupings of wall canvases, to mini albums for portability, you’ll get the products that are right for you.

While large mounted prints and wall art are wonderful for home displays,  you also have some smaller product options so you can take your favourite photos into more personal spaces, like your office desk or bedroom dresser. One of the most perfect ways to size down is to put a few images together in a mini collage. I offer these 5×10 desk collages, mounted on artboard for durability, which can be fit into a frame or beautifully displayed in an easel. I offer several designs to choose from, depending on how many images you want to show off.

Put one in your bedroom, to keep photos of your kids by your bedside.


Take one to the office, to see your beautiful family while you’re at work.

10x20 COLLAGE 3 IMAGES (2)

For the nursery, a reminder of the beauty and wonder of this new life.


As a keepsake, when your senior goes off to college to pursue his dream.


To see more of the products I offer, click on the PRODUCTS PAGE.

Emily Charais - Oh these are nice! I love that you can tell a story with a simple piece like this!

Yvonne - What a great way to keep your loved ways around you at all times!

Joey - These look amazing! I would love to have one hanging on my wall!

Jennifer Boggett - I love this idea! Such a simple, yet gorgeous way to display your photos!

Melissa Klein - I LOVE mini collages! These examples are gorgeous!

Jeni - Oh these are so perfect! They’d make great gifts for family too!

Amy - Love the collages! Great examples.

Becky - These are lovely! What a perfect way to display your favorite photos!

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Senior Photography in The Woodlands, TX

Another fabulous senior from this season, Miss Madison, for her Class of 2015 senior portraits! When we met for our pre consultation, we oohed and awwed over the awesome outfits we were going to feature in her senior session  to match the location. She came with some pretty gorgeous outfits, and that white dress was just perfect for the field location. What to wear for your senior portraits is such a big question, so we very carefully go over all your options before the session, to make sure the colours, textures and accessories all go together for tonal harmony and make sense with the chosen locations.  She chose the Luxe Senior Session, which includes hair and make up styling before the big shoot.

We started with a more casual style, with boots and a bright pop of red. She wanted her senior pictures to showcase natural elements, like trees and flowers, with wood textures in the background to match her more natural style. And these bright flowers were the perfect accent for her first outfit of the shoot!



An outfit change, from country style to soft and trendy. When she first showed me this shirt, I knew she had to include it for her senior photos! A gorgeous shade of blue that matched her eyes, and an interesting unusual pattern,  combined with that flowy airy texture, really made for an eye popping combination against the rustic wood backdrop.


Miss Maddie wanted a full half of her senior portrait session to include this stunning white dress. With the last outfit change, we headed out to a wide open field and country road, to catch the gorgeous light on the just-about-to-turn-fall-colours trees and long grasses.



senior-portraits-the-woodlandsFor the last set of the evening, we watched the sky turn radiant and glowing with this gorgeous golden light. Time for some stunning emotive photos, to round off this senior session, and a few poses against that incredible sunset.



boho-style-senior-portraits-the-woodlandsI really really had a great time shooting this senior session, for Class of 2015 senior Miss Madison. Our hair and make up artist, her perfect styling, and a stunning location came together for some amazing shots.


Are you looking for your senior photographer in the Woodlands, Spring, Oak Ridge, or Conroe area? Call 832-663-5128 to find out more information and check out my info page HERE. Browse my senior portfolio in this SLIDESHOW and when you’re ready, contact me via this EMAIL FORM to learn more!

Heather Avrech - She is such a beautiful girl! I absolutely love the last 4 and the B/W in the white dress! Gorgeous!

Emily Charais - What a beautiful session! I love the shots with the wind blowing, and her outfit choices are great!

Yvonne Niemann - Holy cow! Check out that sunset!!!! Beautiful. What a fabulous location.

Jennifer B - Wow she is STUNNING! I love all of the variety and the lighting in the last set is divine! Absolutely gorgeous work!

Jennifer - She must be in love with these beautiful captures! Looks like you found the perfect day for it, too!

Michelle Robertson - What a lovely young lady! I love her clothing choices, especially the boots! Just gorgeous!

Deidra - Simply stunning!

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Relaxed and Fun Family Portraits in the Woodlands

I get all kinds of families who come to me for their family portraits, and no two families are alike. Some want classic and traditional portraits for the mantle, formal poses and elegant styling. Some want documentary style lifestyle photos of their families at home, to personalize their family sessions and to remember where they were at this time in their lives, as moments are so fleeting. And some, like this family, want to have fun and relaxed candid portraits of their family, mixed with the traditional, to celebrate the relationships we share and the fun we have as a family when we are together.

We will include some traditional family portraits, for sharing with family members (remember — Grandma always really loves that one posed photo of her beloved family together, happy and smiling at the camera, and she’ll be expecting her print!) but then we can skip around, laugh and run, and really get down to the serious business of enjoying this day together making beautiful family portraits that really capture YOU as you truly are. For this family, that was bright, happy and lots of smiles!



These types of family sessions make great collages and albums, since we shoot for family combinations having fun, dancing, snuggling, playing games and just enjoying being together.


We’ll take each child separately, and capture some beautiful portraits that match each child’s personality.  I love to include photos that tell the entire story of each child, from the fun and perky shots to the serene and lovely – the girl with her eyes closed, dreaming. The sweet boy who offers me a flower. The little one with her bright eyes and big smile.


And of course, photos of all the kids together. Look, ma! No fighting!



I think the kids are trying to tell their parents something here! LOL!


I had SUCH a great time with this family. Lots of laughs and everyone had fun being together.

Are you in The Woodlands, Spring, Conroe, Oak Ridge North, or Montgomery County and looking for a family photographer?

Call 832-663-5128 for information or  email me directly with this CONTACT FORM. Check out the INFO PAGE for family sessions and the gallery HERE.

Melissa Klein - What a great looking family! I love the variety of photos you captured – fantastic session!

April O'Hare - Haha, that last one is too cute. I love that gorgeous warm sunlight in the first few photos.

Alexis - Wow, these are fantastic and just glowing!! Such great memories for them to share!

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The Heart of the Family – The Woodlands Photographer

When you’re preparing to have your family portraits done this year, there’s a lot of questions that may be running through your mind and a lot of details you have to consider. Pulling the wardrobe together. Checking your schedule to make sure the kids don’t have soccer practice the day of the session.  Do you want to have a fun lifestyle session to make into an album, or posed formal family portraits for the wall? You can rest assured I’ll help you through it. We’ll go over all these details in our consultation, so you can be sure that on the day of the family portrait session you’ll be fully confidant that you are prepared and ready for some fun.

You already know you want some special family portraits, of everyone together. You definitely have thought about all the great shots we’ll get of the kids, both individually and together. Now it’s time to think about you! One thing you may not have really considered is getting some great portraits of you and your spouse together.

The heart of the family is you. The parents. You are who your children look up to with love every day for guidance and support. And kids love to see their parents together! This is why I take the time to get some beautiful couple portraits of the two of you together, just like you did for your engagement portraits and your wedding photos. You’ll be glad to have those portraits through the years, as you grow old together. As we celebrate the family, celebrate your love too.


Take a look at just a few of the amazing parents I’ve had the opportunity to photograph this year! You can feel the love between the them. And every time they look at these photos, they’ll be reminded of how it all began – with the love of two people, who came together and built a beautiful family.


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Holiday Portrait Sessions – Spring, Conroe and the Woodlands TX

I welcomed back this wonderful family for their annual family portraits, and I love seeing how my littlest clients have grown from year to year! This year for their holiday family pictures they chose this gorgeous fall colour palette of purples and magentas, which always looks amazing against the deep rich hue of the early fall foliage. When clients ask, “What should I wear for our fall family photos?” this is a colour I always recommend, as a jewel tone that really pops!

As always, for your family portraits I shoot the entire family together for that coveted fantastic photo of everyone happy and together, for the wall above the fireplace. I won’t let you forget to get a couple portrait of just the two of you either! Thank you to this fabulous family for choosing me again for their yearly fall family photos here in the Woodlands!



With the “perfect shot” done, then we move about for individual shots of the kids, together and by themselves. Kids are so much fun to work with, with their spontaneous genuine smiles and natural curiosity. I love to capture the happiness of children as well as their inner quiet souls, the sides of them we as parents see inside their gentle hearts in unguarded moments.





We’ll shoot the family portraits again, with a little change of location, for variety and a more casual feel. These make great album portraits, when put together. Family portraits can be really fun and it’s a great chance to hang out together, laughing and smiling, and celebrate what makes you a loving family!




Are you in The Woodlands Spring, Conroe, or Montgomery County, and are looking for family portraits? Call 832-663-5128 to find out more, or email me directly with this CONTACT FORM.
To view booking information, see my INFO PAGE HERE for family portrait information and CLICK HERE to see the family portfolio gallery.

April O'Hare - You did such a fantastic job with these photos. I love their outfits and all of the different looks you got with them. Beautiful!

Ramsey Garza - I love the colors and the lighting. These are stunning.

Corrie Lindroos - Shannon your work is so beautiful and classic. These images are gorgeous and they will still be gorgeous ten years from now. Beautiful family – I can see why they keep coming back to you!!

Melissa Klein - Gorgeous session! I love their outfits, and these are all absolutely beautiful!

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Beautiful Fall Maternity – The Woodlands Maternity Photographer

This awesome couple came to me from the Woodlands for maternity portraits to celebrate their first baby on the way! We had such a gorgeous evening, with perfect airy light and golden sun, to shoot their maternity session. We were looking for some less posed pictures, to focus on their relationship and their joy as well some more emotive black and white portraits (which are always a favourite for me!).  We mixed up the posed portraits with some more lifestyle type shots, for natural looking maternity portraits. They both look so happy and natural in this beautiful location, with the long grasses and wildflowers in the field.

I love the way they came out, and am looking forward to handing them their beautiful Luxe album of their favourite images!










Are you expecting a baby and looking for your maternity photographer? Call 832-663-5128 for information about booking a session or email directly with THIS FORM.  Scroll through my maternity gallery HERE and find out more about full session on this INFO PAGE.

April O'Hare - These are lovely! She is a natural beauty and I love the mix of the posed portraits with the more lifestyle shots. Congratulations to them:)

Andrea - Wonderful work- she’s glowing!! Love the locations!!

Melissa Klein - Gorgeous! Love that they got their pup in for a pic, too. :)

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The Senior Album – Spring TX Senior Portraits

I’m really excited about this gorgeous album for seniors! This high quality 5×7 album is included in one of the top senior portrait collections, and is the perfect keepsake from your senior year. Parents LOVE this album, with it’s deep rich colour, thick pages and protective coating. Seniors love it to take with them when they leave for college, to remind them of home and how amazing they looked for their senior portraits! You get to choose which of your favourite images will be included.

Each album comes with a black box for safe keeping and storage.  Clients also have the option to upgrade to the Luxe Album, with their included print credit.  I am proud to offer superior products to my awesome clients! To see more products you’ll take home, visit the PRODUCTS PAGE HERE.


jeanine - Such a gorgeous high quality product! Love it!

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High School Senior Boy – The Woodlands Senior Photographer

It’s not often that guys call for senior photos, so it’s nice when I get a call for a senior session for one! Some high schools in the Woodlands and Spring allow seniors an entire page for their yearbook pictures, so this handsome guy needed some great photos of him to fill up his page. I offer a special For The Guys session since they tend to want it short and simple — under an hour, just a few great photos, without the long sessions with outfit changes that the girls prefer. Check out this post to see more about this For The Guys high school senior all inclusive session.

For Greg’s session, we shot at his home in the Woodlands around the back yard, front pond and pool side. If you have a spacious and uncluttered yard, with great light, it’s a quick and easy spot for your senior photos so we don’t have to trek on location for your mini senior session. This is time saved for you, too! I love the white walls and columns, and the shots in the pool were really creative. Thanks to his mum for that fabulous idea!






Are you looking for a senior photographer? Check out my info page here and my gallery here. To get more information, call 832-663-5128 or use this email form to email me directly: EMAIL FORM.


April O'Hare - They have a great home for photographing in! That color of blue looks great on him.

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The Woodlands Photographer – Family Portraits

A fun and happy family to share today! I shot these family portraits for Dallas wedding photographer Asapphire Photography, an early  morning shoot since she had a long drive back home ahead of her from the Woodlands!

Such a fabulous family and a great day for family photos since it was a little cooler at sunrise. As a photographer, she understood exactly the need to get great flattering light and she chose the perfect outfits to express their fun but sophisticated style – beautiful pops of colour that look amazing on them. We shot in two locations close together, with an outfit change to go from formal in front of the deep wood and stone, to casual in the more natural woodsy setting. I laughed so much at this session, and had a lot of silly moments with five year old Miss M who rocked the poses!

As always, I’m so grateful when families choose me as a their family photographer and let me spend a few hours making beautiful photos of them. I had a great time with this family!



the woodlands child photographer



photographer children portraits spring tx

child photographer the woodlands

family-photography the woodlands

If you’re looking for family portraits, contact me at 832-663-5128 or email me directly with this CONTACT FORM.

Corrie Lindroos - Wow, this family is so gorgeous!! I love how different the two sets feel and their wardrobe is stunning! Beautiful work Shannon.

April O'Hare - I love the natural photos of them together where they are looking at each other and laughing. That one with the youngest pointing is especially cute:)

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The Woodlands Senior Photographer – Classic Senior Portraits

When I met this sweet and gorgeous girl for her styling consultation, I just knew her senior portrait session would be a breeze. Such a down to earth and natural girl, with her great sense of humour and fabulous smile. Not to mention such a classic beauty, with a great sense of fashion.

For Miss Lauren’s senior pictures, the vision was for classically beautiful portraits with clean lines and natural but elegant posing.  She chose a party dress for the first portion of her shoot, as a sophisticated young lady, with graceful posing.



With an outfit change, she goes from posh to trendy. We used some available stairs and neutral concrete to really bring out the contrast in these black and white portraits. Love how they make her look so fierce!



With a senior session, we shoot in two locations over three hours, to make sure you get variety and lots of outfit changes in there. We headed out of the urban area towards nature, and her wardrobe reflects the soft beauty of the location. A pretty dress always looks perfect for this part of the shoot, and this blue shade is stunning with her blonde hair and light eyes.



One last outfit change, and into this heavenly field of flowers and tall grasses. That gorgeous golden light is why we shoot towards sunset, to infuse your senior pictures with a luminous glow.



I loved every minute of this fantastic senior session with Miss Lauren! Are you looking for your senior photographer? Call 832-663-5128 for more information or email me directly through THIS FORM. For information about Senior Sessions, check out my INFO PAGE HERE  and take a look through my portfolio HERE.

Rhonda - Love your locations .. and she is stunning! The b+w’s on the stairs are my favorites .. great session!

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BFF or Sisters Senior Sessions – The Woodlands Senior Portraits

There’s always that one person who has been there for you through thick and thin. Maybe your childhood BFF, your high school bestie, or your sister or cousin. The one you do everything with and celebrate all your milestones. As you enter your senior year of high school and are looking for your senior photographer in Spring or the Woodlands, think about how fun it would be to have your senior portraits taken with your BFF!

These sisters came to me for their senior portraits, and what a beautiful pair! You can see their individual senior pictures featured here and here. When I shoot a double senior session, I make sure to get amazing portraits of each girl in her multiple outfits to show off her own individual personality. These girls booked the Luxe Senior session and had their hair and make up beautifully styled for them, to show off their amazing style. After individual senior pictures, we take portraits of the two of you together, having fun and just being yourselves.




I’m now booking for the Class of 2015 Senior Portraits for high school seniors in Spring, The Woodlands,Conroe, Tomball, Oak Ridge and the surrounding areas. To see my portfolio, click here to view the slideshow.  To learn more about the types of senior sessions I offer, click here to view more information. If you’re ready to book a senior session or want to discuss your vision for your shoot, click here to email me directly.

For BFF and Sister Sessions, I offer a discount on your session fee and a combined gallery of individual and images of the two of you together, and I help you put together a custom package that includes digitals, prints and more. Call today to learn more at 832-663-5128.

April O'Hare - They are so pretty and I love the way they coordinated their outfits for the photos. The bokeh in your last photo is lovely!

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Products for High School Seniors – The Woodlands Senior Photographer

Remember when people carried around small photo albums in their purse, so they could show off their family photos on the go? You don’t see that much anymore, since most people carry their photos in their pocket — that is, on their cell phone. It’s so easy to show your friends and family your phone snaps, and share them seamlessly on Facebook or Instagram.

When it comes to your professional photographs from your portrait photographer you want to be able to show them off to everyone without having to carry your prints around. You want them readily accessible, at the click of a button. Not your cell phone selfie snaps, but the gorgeous high quality images where you look like a rock star from your senior photoshoot.

The good news for my clients is that’s exactly what you get! Check out these customized senior portrait apps that you upload right to your phone or tablet, which brings all your favourite pictures from your senior portrait session to your fingertips. And the best thing is, you get to share the link to upload with all your friends and family, so they have them on their phones and tablets as well.

senior products the woodlands photographer for seniors


On the right, you can see how all your photos pop up tiled for display (shown here on an iPad). You just scroll down to view. On the top of the screen, there are options to share on social media with one quick click. To see each image full sized, simply select one to open it, and you’ll see it full screen (like in the top left phone, shown on an iPhone).  Close it up, and it minimizes to a little icon with your name on it, on your screen.

Now you can show off your awesome senior photos on the go!

Are you in the Woodlands, Spring or Conroe and need a senior photographer? Call 832-663-5128 to book a consultation!

Bonnie - What a cool option for senior portraits!

April O'Hare - What a great way to keep up with technology! I love the session you chose for your sample too:)

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October 2014 Lone Star College Film Exhibition: “Unrestricted Boundaries”

I’m beyond thrilled to be a part of the “Unrestricted Boundaries” exhibition at Lone Star College Montgomery this month, showing some of my black and white toy camera and 35 mm film work. Read the press release here at the Lone Star College website.

Our exhibition showcases the various ways that film photography can be adapted in the modern world, and how as a medium it is still a highly relevant traditional art form. Whether a photographer shoots film and processes and develops their own work in the darkroom, or has it sent off to a lab and returned on digital scans to be printed, there are many ways to include analogue film in your photographic body of work. At the opening, visitors were also treated to a demonstration on how digital photos taken with an iPhone can be printed directly onto instant film remotely. These various processes allow photographers to follow their path when it comes to experimenting with analogue photography, and fuse it with modern digital technology.

The exhibition will be open throughout the month of October 1014 at the Montgomery Lone Star College location. Swing by and have a look!


Collection of DianaF+ toy camera images, shot on TX400 black and white 120 mm film.  Processed and then digitally scanned for print.



Collection of Nikon F75 images, shot on Acros 100 black and white 35 mm film.  Processed and then digitally scanned for print.

April O'Hare - Congratulations on showing your work in an exhibit! I have a love for toy cameras. I did my entire senior thesis on a Holga when I got my BFA:)

Bonnie - So cool and well deserved Shannon.

Rhonda - Congratulations .. that is awesome. I love the feel of these!

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Spring Field – The Woodlands Senior Photographer

When I met the most gorgeous pair of sisters for their senior portraits this year, I did a double take! Both stunning, with amazing long ombre hair and some serious fashion style. I featured Khrissy’s senior portrait session already, check it out here!

This beauty in blue is Kaylon, and while she wanted the same locations for her senior portraits as her sister with the beautiful golden light for their senior graduation announcements, no two high school senior sessions are alike because no two people are the same. So we worked with different poses and expressions to reflect her own personality and style. Kaylon has some killer cheekbones and I wanted her pictures to show not only her sunny personality but her gorgeous bone structure and soulfulness. Look at those big luminous brown eyes!

senior photographer the woodlands






For her outfit change, Kaylon chose this cute and flirty greenish blue dress — a perfect dress for spring with the lace detail and pleated skirt. Instead of high heels, Kaylon chose flat natural sandals more in keeping with her laid back style and down to earth personality. Close to sunset, we had this gorgeous backlight through the field. A perfect day for senior pictures!




I had such a great time with these sisters for their senior portraits! Congratulations on your graduation, girls!

I’m now booking the Class of 2015 seniors this fall and slots are filling! If you are looking for your senior photographer in the Woodlands, Spring, Conroe, Tomball or Oak Ridge, click here to see more information. Click here to visit my senior portrait portfolio. When you’re ready to learn more, click here to email me directly.

April O'Hare - What a gorgeous girl! I LOVE her hair so much. She really rocks both the serious look and the smiles. You did a fantastic job on these!

Amber Aileen - Wow, she is stunning! I love all of these. They have such an ethereal feel to them. Gorgeous work!

Rhonda - Beautiful .. the images and your subject! Love that first image .. your b&w’s are gorgeous and your color spot-on too!

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What to Wear for Family Photos – The Woodlands and Spring TX

It’s that time of year again – fall family portraits! Since we’re shooting outdoors, you may be wondering what type of outfits will look best or how to coordinate your wardrobe so you all look fantastic and match together well. We’ll discuss your styling before the session, and I’ll advise you on what types of colours, fabrics and patterns photograph beautifully while still keeping with your own personal style. Some hues just look better on camera, and we want to be sure that your style and colour of clothes matches your chosen location.

Here are some tips for your upcoming session to think about before our meeting.


In general, for fall photos it’s ideal to wear colours that match the season and the foliage – think teal not baby blue, russet red instead of bright red, and warm orange yellow instead of lemon. Bright whites can detract from the most important element of the photo — you and your family! So opt for a more mellow, warmer shade of beige, cream or soft yellow.

When choosing the family’s clothes, keep to the same colour but choose various hues so you don’t match perfectly. If you’re wearing a deep purple dress, put your daughter in a lighter shade of violet, and the boys in teal or blue. Throw in a few neutral shades, like brown or light yellow, for contrast.

Boots always look fabulous in the fall and they go with anything. Brown shoes are preferable to black. Keep jewelry and accessories minimal and make sure they don’t block important features. A scarf can easily obscure your face and watches can clash with your natural setting. Less is usually more.

April O'Hare - Cute clothes! I love these colors together:)

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All Inclusive Mini Sessions – Senior Boys in Spring and the Woodlands

When it comes to senior pictures, what a girl wants and what a guy wants are very different things! For girls I provide the hair and make up artistry from a local upscale salon, a pre consultation to go over styling and help you choose the outfits you’ll be wearing, and the session lasts up to three hours to make sure we get the variety you want with all your favourite outfits. Guys? Well, they don’t want that kind of big production, nor do they need it, right?

So just for you, guys, I’m keeping it simple and offering you want you want – a short session, no fuss, low key. While still providing what you need – a few killer shots of you for your yearbook page, or for your mom to treasure after you go off to college.

This mini session is perfect for senior boys who need a few great photos, and I’ll even come to YOU if you don’t want to go out on location. As an added bonus, you receive a spiral bound hard cover proof book of your favourites.

To book, call 832-663-5128 or call/text 713-614-7459, or use this direct email form: CONTACT ME.


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Senior Photographer Oak Ridge High School

Ready for Part 2 of Celenia’s amazing senior pictures? I already featured Part 1 here, so check out the first half of her senior portraits where we went on location for some architectural elements to add interest and flair to her high school graduation photos. She has such an amazing sense of style, and when we headed out to the country for the second half of her senior session she brought along a few outfits that perfectly fit the earthy country chic look.

We had such gorgeous golden light!



Another outfit change into this sweet peach summer dress, with lace accents. This little country road was a perfect spot, and we found some purple flowers for some creative senior portraits to go above and beyond. You want your senior pictures to be unique, and show all sides to your personality.




One last outfit change as the sun is starting to set! Using a wide angle lens, you get a sense of drama you can’t get with standard portrait lenses. I’m all about variety, and using different angles and lenses to get the right look for each pose.  I love the sassy poses Celenia has here, a bit of a rockstar edge with the black shirt and trendy high waisted shorts. Girl has some style!


And no senior photo shoot is complete without pictures in your high school letterman jacket! Congratulations to Celenia for her accomplishments and good luck in her future career as a cosmetologist.


I’m now booking for Class of 2015 senior portraits so click here to email me directly for more information! To view my portfolio, click here for a slideshow. And click here to see more information about the types of senior sessions I offer.  Fall slots are already filling.

April O'Hare - The arm over the head poses are so hard to make them look good, but she makes it look great! She has beautiful brown eyes. I really love the photos of her lying on the ground:)

Amber Aileen - These are so stunning! I loved the first session, but these are just as beautiful. Great work!

Melissa Klein - Oh my goodness, she is gorgeous! That black and white head shot is absolutely stunning. Awesome light, awesome location, too!

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Street Style Senior Portraits – The Woodlands High School Senior Photographer

I got to do something a little different for this senior portrait session – a fun “urban” style shoot.  When seniors want “urban”  it’s a challenge since in the Woodlands we don’t have graffiti, broken down areas, dirty alleyways or junk yard type location. Our area is just too beautiful and well taken care of, which is a good thing!  So, for this senior shoot, we made use of  gorgeous parking garage light, colour pops, and window reflections to give a downtown air to her senior pictures. I’m always up for a good challenge!

Elena started with two beautiful summery dresses, the first in a bright colour to give a little flair to her senior pictures.  The electric blue looks amazing with her dark hair. She chose the Luxe Senior Session, which includes hair and make up styling by professional artist Monika Gellardo. I love the straightened hair bob, a perfect style for a fresh modern look for urban street photographs.






Time for an outfit change! Elena chose two locations for her senior pictures but wanted about 80% of her shoot to be done around town. This is what I love about offering personally tailored senior sessions for my clients — we meet before the session to go over which locations fit YOUR personality best and then choose outfits that will match the look and vibe of that location. She knew she already had a knock-em-out colourful dress, so for her next wardrobe change she opted for a sweet and feminine airy sundress, with  fresh spring flowers. This dress was a perfect match for the Mediterranean style (hey, I thought I was back in Greece or Italy for a minute there!) elements we found to shoot with, and columns.



Finally, we headed to the park for a little greenery. With this rustic style outfit, the plan was to find an earthy location to match the colours and feel of her favourite couture shirt and boots. I love how her gorgeous brown eyes just pop with the reds and greens. I had a lot of fun with Elena shooting her senior portraits and helping her put together the perfect Collection to show them off.


April O'Hare - Oooh, that does sound like a challenge to pull off an urban style shoot when you don’t live in a big city, but I think you did a great job pulling it off. I love the ones on the staircase and the B&W in front of the plain concrete wall.

Katherine - She’s stunning, and you really did a great job bringing out that urban feel! I especially love the one in black and white where she’s sitting and looking to the side. Beautiful!

Amber Aileen - What a gorgeous session! I absolutely love the first set, especially the pictures of her on the stairs. Beautiful lighting and posing!

Jackie Jean - Your senior work is always perfection, these are beautiful! Gorgeous girl!

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Outdoor Family Photos in the Woodlands

This family came to me with their brothers and sisters for a combined family session that included individual portraits of each family.  I have special rates for extended family sessions that let you book a two hour time slot and include all family units so everyone gets their own family portrait at a discounted rate than booking separate family sessions. These are especially popular in the fall, to get family portraits of everyone gathered together before and during the holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, those wonderful times of year when the whole family is celebrating together. And what better way to remember these special times than with family portraits!

This family was gathered together at the family home in the Woodlands, a gorgeous home that featured this amazing front step where they chose to have their family photos taken. I had a lot of fun with this family, and everyone came so beautifully styled! Notice how they chose accents of blue in their wardrobe, to achieve a nice colour harmony. And I adore the boots on mom!



With fall just around the corner, I’m already booking fall family shoots for September, October and November and dates are filling fast. Click here to email  me directly about a portrait session for your family and click here to check out my portfolio.

Amber Aileen - What a beautiful home and family! Great job!

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