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  • Welcome to my space. I'm Shannon, your outdoor senior, maternity, engagement and family photographer inThe Woodlands, Oak Ridge, Conroe, Tomball and northern Spring TX.

    I love the serene and beautiful; the strong and dramatic. In creating artistic portraits, my goal is to tap into different aspects of the human spirit. The peaceful side, our inner souls. The quirky side, what makes us unique. And the hopeful and joyous side, when we embrace the beauty of living out loud.

    I'm also a recognized volunteer photographer for the charity Inspiration Through Art Project. You can find out more about this organization by visiting

    My family portraits done by the amazing Yvonne Min, at Yvonne Min Photography, Denver.

The Woodlands Senior Photographer – Classic Senior Portraits

When I met this sweet and gorgeous girl for her styling consultation, I just knew her senior portrait session would be a breeze. Such a down to earth and natural girl, with her great sense of humour and fabulous smile. Not to mention such a classic beauty, with a great sense of fashion.

For Miss Lauren’s senior pictures, the vision was for classically beautiful portraits with clean lines and natural but elegant posing.  She chose a party dress for the first portion of her shoot, as a sophisticated young lady, with graceful posing.



With an outfit change, she goes from posh to trendy. We used some available stairs and neutral concrete to really bring out the contrast in these black and white portraits. Love how they make her look so fierce!



With a senior session, we shoot in two locations over three hours, to make sure you get variety and lots of outfit changes in there. We headed out of the urban area towards nature, and her wardrobe reflects the soft beauty of the location. A pretty dress always looks perfect for this part of the shoot, and this blue shade is stunning with her blonde hair and light eyes.



One last outfit change, and into this heavenly field of flowers and tall grasses. That gorgeous golden light is why we shoot towards sunset, to infuse your senior pictures with a luminous glow.



I loved every minute of this fantastic senior session with Miss Lauren! Are you looking for your senior photographer? Call 832-663-5128 for more information or email me directly through THIS FORM. For information about Senior Sessions, check out my INFO PAGE HERE  and take a look through my portfolio HERE.

Rhonda - Love your locations .. and she is stunning! The b+w’s on the stairs are my favorites .. great session!

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BFF or Sisters Senior Sessions – The Woodlands Senior Portraits

There’s always that one person who has been there for you through thick and thin. Maybe your childhood BFF, your high school bestie, or your sister or cousin. The one you do everything with and celebrate all your milestones. As you enter your senior year of high school and are looking for your senior photographer in Spring or the Woodlands, think about how fun it would be to have your senior portraits taken with your BFF!

These sisters came to me for their senior portraits, and what a beautiful pair! You can see their individual senior pictures featured here and here. When I shoot a double senior session, I make sure to get amazing portraits of each girl in her multiple outfits to show off her own individual personality. These girls booked the Luxe Senior session and had their hair and make up beautifully styled for them, to show off their amazing style. After individual senior pictures, we take portraits of the two of you together, having fun and just being yourselves.




I’m now booking for the Class of 2015 Senior Portraits for high school seniors in Spring, The Woodlands,Conroe, Tomball, Oak Ridge and the surrounding areas. To see my portfolio, click here to view the slideshow.  To learn more about the types of senior sessions I offer, click here to view more information. If you’re ready to book a senior session or want to discuss your vision for your shoot, click here to email me directly.

For BFF and Sister Sessions, I offer a discount on your session fee and a combined gallery of individual and images of the two of you together, and I help you put together a custom package that includes digitals, prints and more. Call today to learn more at 832-663-5128.

April O'Hare - They are so pretty and I love the way they coordinated their outfits for the photos. The bokeh in your last photo is lovely!

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Products for High School Seniors – The Woodlands Senior Photographer

Remember when people carried around small photo albums in their purse, so they could show off their family photos on the go? You don’t see that much anymore, since most people carry their photos in their pocket — that is, on their cell phone. It’s so easy to show your friends and family your phone snaps, and share them seamlessly on Facebook or Instagram.

When it comes to your professional photographs from your portrait photographer you want to be able to show them off to everyone without having to carry your prints around. You want them readily accessible, at the click of a button. Not your cell phone selfie snaps, but the gorgeous high quality images where you look like a rock star from your senior photoshoot.

The good news for my clients is that’s exactly what you get! Check out these customized senior portrait apps that you upload right to your phone or tablet, which brings all your favourite pictures from your senior portrait session to your fingertips. And the best thing is, you get to share the link to upload with all your friends and family, so they have them on their phones and tablets as well.

senior products the woodlands photographer for seniors


On the right, you can see how all your photos pop up tiled for display (shown here on an iPad). You just scroll down to view. On the top of the screen, there are options to share on social media with one quick click. To see each image full sized, simply select one to open it, and you’ll see it full screen (like in the top left phone, shown on an iPhone).  Close it up, and it minimizes to a little icon with your name on it, on your screen.

Now you can show off your awesome senior photos on the go!

Are you in the Woodlands, Spring or Conroe and need a senior photographer? Call 832-663-5128 to book a consultation!

Bonnie - What a cool option for senior portraits!

April O'Hare - What a great way to keep up with technology! I love the session you chose for your sample too:)

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October 2014 Lone Star College Film Exhibition: “Unrestricted Boundaries”

I’m beyond thrilled to be a part of the “Unrestricted Boundaries” exhibition at Lone Star College Montgomery this month, showing some of my black and white toy camera and 35 mm film work. Read the press release here at the Lone Star College website.

Our exhibition showcases the various ways that film photography can be adapted in the modern world, and how as a medium it is still a highly relevant traditional art form. Whether a photographer shoots film and processes and develops their own work in the darkroom, or has it sent off to a lab and returned on digital scans to be printed, there are many ways to include analogue film in your photographic body of work. At the opening, visitors were also treated to a demonstration on how digital photos taken with an iPhone can be printed directly onto instant film remotely. These various processes allow photographers to follow their path when it comes to experimenting with analogue photography, and fuse it with modern digital technology.

The exhibition will be open throughout the month of October 1014 at the Montgomery Lone Star College location. Swing by and have a look!


Collection of DianaF+ toy camera images, shot on TX400 black and white 120 mm film.  Processed and then digitally scanned for print.



Collection of Nikon F75 images, shot on Acros 100 black and white 35 mm film.  Processed and then digitally scanned for print.

April O'Hare - Congratulations on showing your work in an exhibit! I have a love for toy cameras. I did my entire senior thesis on a Holga when I got my BFA:)

Bonnie - So cool and well deserved Shannon.

Rhonda - Congratulations .. that is awesome. I love the feel of these!

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Spring Field – The Woodlands Senior Photographer

When I met the most gorgeous pair of sisters for their senior portraits this year, I did a double take! Both stunning, with amazing long ombre hair and some serious fashion style. I featured Khrissy’s senior portrait session already, check it out here!

This beauty in blue is Kaylon, and while she wanted the same locations for her senior portraits as her sister with the beautiful golden light for their senior graduation announcements, no two high school senior sessions are alike because no two people are the same. So we worked with different poses and expressions to reflect her own personality and style. Kaylon has some killer cheekbones and I wanted her pictures to show not only her sunny personality but her gorgeous bone structure and soulfulness. Look at those big luminous brown eyes!

senior photographer the woodlands






For her outfit change, Kaylon chose this cute and flirty greenish blue dress — a perfect dress for spring with the lace detail and pleated skirt. Instead of high heels, Kaylon chose flat natural sandals more in keeping with her laid back style and down to earth personality. Close to sunset, we had this gorgeous backlight through the field. A perfect day for senior pictures!




I had such a great time with these sisters for their senior portraits! Congratulations on your graduation, girls!

I’m now booking the Class of 2015 seniors this fall and slots are filling! If you are looking for your senior photographer in the Woodlands, Spring, Conroe, Tomball or Oak Ridge, click here to see more information. Click here to visit my senior portrait portfolio. When you’re ready to learn more, click here to email me directly.

April O'Hare - What a gorgeous girl! I LOVE her hair so much. She really rocks both the serious look and the smiles. You did a fantastic job on these!

Amber Aileen - Wow, she is stunning! I love all of these. They have such an ethereal feel to them. Gorgeous work!

Rhonda - Beautiful .. the images and your subject! Love that first image .. your b&w’s are gorgeous and your color spot-on too!

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What to Wear for Family Photos – The Woodlands and Spring TX

It’s that time of year again – fall family portraits! Since we’re shooting outdoors, you may be wondering what type of outfits will look best or how to coordinate your wardrobe so you all look fantastic and match together well. We’ll discuss your styling before the session, and I’ll advise you on what types of colours, fabrics and patterns photograph beautifully while still keeping with your own personal style. Some hues just look better on camera, and we want to be sure that your style and colour of clothes matches your chosen location.

Here are some tips for your upcoming session to think about before our meeting.


In general, for fall photos it’s ideal to wear colours that match the season and the foliage – think teal not baby blue, russet red instead of bright red, and warm orange yellow instead of lemon. Bright whites can detract from the most important element of the photo — you and your family! So opt for a more mellow, warmer shade of beige, cream or soft yellow.

When choosing the family’s clothes, keep to the same colour but choose various hues so you don’t match perfectly. If you’re wearing a deep purple dress, put your daughter in a lighter shade of violet, and the boys in teal or blue. Throw in a few neutral shades, like brown or light yellow, for contrast.

Boots always look fabulous in the fall and they go with anything. Brown shoes are preferable to black. Keep jewelry and accessories minimal and make sure they don’t block important features. A scarf can easily obscure your face and watches can clash with your natural setting. Less is usually more.

April O'Hare - Cute clothes! I love these colors together:)

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All Inclusive Mini Sessions – Senior Boys in Spring and the Woodlands

When it comes to senior pictures, what a girl wants and what a guy wants are very different things! For girls I provide the hair and make up artistry from a local upscale salon, a pre consultation to go over styling and help you choose the outfits you’ll be wearing, and the session lasts up to three hours to make sure we get the variety you want with all your favourite outfits. Guys? Well, they don’t want that kind of big production, nor do they need it, right?

So just for you, guys, I’m keeping it simple and offering you want you want – a short session, no fuss, low key. While still providing what you need – a few killer shots of you for your yearbook page, or for your mom to treasure after you go off to college.

This mini session is perfect for senior boys who need a few great photos, and I’ll even come to YOU if you don’t want to go out on location. As an added bonus, you receive a spiral bound hard cover proof book of your favourites.

To book, call 832-663-5128 or call/text 713-614-7459, or use this direct email form: CONTACT ME.


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Senior Photographer Oak Ridge High School

Ready for Part 2 of Celenia’s amazing senior pictures? I already featured Part 1 here, so check out the first half of her senior portraits where we went on location for some architectural elements to add interest and flair to her high school graduation photos. She has such an amazing sense of style, and when we headed out to the country for the second half of her senior session she brought along a few outfits that perfectly fit the earthy country chic look.

We had such gorgeous golden light!



Another outfit change into this sweet peach summer dress, with lace accents. This little country road was a perfect spot, and we found some purple flowers for some creative senior portraits to go above and beyond. You want your senior pictures to be unique, and show all sides to your personality.




One last outfit change as the sun is starting to set! Using a wide angle lens, you get a sense of drama you can’t get with standard portrait lenses. I’m all about variety, and using different angles and lenses to get the right look for each pose.  I love the sassy poses Celenia has here, a bit of a rockstar edge with the black shirt and trendy high waisted shorts. Girl has some style!


And no senior photo shoot is complete without pictures in your high school letterman jacket! Congratulations to Celenia for her accomplishments and good luck in her future career as a cosmetologist.


I’m now booking for Class of 2015 senior portraits so click here to email me directly for more information! To view my portfolio, click here for a slideshow. And click here to see more information about the types of senior sessions I offer.  Fall slots are already filling.

April O'Hare - The arm over the head poses are so hard to make them look good, but she makes it look great! She has beautiful brown eyes. I really love the photos of her lying on the ground:)

Amber Aileen - These are so stunning! I loved the first session, but these are just as beautiful. Great work!

Melissa Klein - Oh my goodness, she is gorgeous! That black and white head shot is absolutely stunning. Awesome light, awesome location, too!

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Street Style Senior Portraits – The Woodlands High School Senior Photographer

I got to do something a little different for this senior portrait session – a fun “urban” style shoot.  When seniors want “urban”  it’s a challenge since in the Woodlands we don’t have graffiti, broken down areas, dirty alleyways or junk yard type location. Our area is just too beautiful and well taken care of, which is a good thing!  So, for this senior shoot, we made use of  gorgeous parking garage light, colour pops, and window reflections to give a downtown air to her senior pictures. I’m always up for a good challenge!

Elena started with two beautiful summery dresses, the first in a bright colour to give a little flair to her senior pictures.  The electric blue looks amazing with her dark hair. She chose the Luxe Senior Session, which includes hair and make up styling by professional artist Monika Gellardo. I love the straightened hair bob, a perfect style for a fresh modern look for urban street photographs.





Time for an outfit change! Elena chose two locations for her senior pictures but wanted about 80% of her shoot to be done around town. This is what I love about offering personally tailored senior sessions for my clients — we meet before the session to go over which locations fit YOUR personality best and then choose outfits that will match the look and vibe of that location. She knew she already had a knock-em-out colourful dress, so for her next wardrobe change she opted for a sweet and feminine airy sundress, with  fresh spring flowers. This dress was a perfect match for the Mediterranean style (hey, I thought I was back in Greece or Italy for a minute there!) elements we found to shoot with, and columns.



Finally, we headed to the park for a little greenery. With this rustic style outfit, the plan was to find an earthy location to match the colours and feel of her favourite couture shirt and boots. I love how her gorgeous brown eyes just pop with the reds and greens. I had a lot of fun with Elena shooting her senior portraits and helping her put together the perfect Collection to show them off.


April O'Hare - Oooh, that does sound like a challenge to pull off an urban style shoot when you don’t live in a big city, but I think you did a great job pulling it off. I love the ones on the staircase and the B&W in front of the plain concrete wall.

Katherine - She’s stunning, and you really did a great job bringing out that urban feel! I especially love the one in black and white where she’s sitting and looking to the side. Beautiful!

Amber Aileen - What a gorgeous session! I absolutely love the first set, especially the pictures of her on the stairs. Beautiful lighting and posing!

Jackie Jean - Your senior work is always perfection, these are beautiful! Gorgeous girl!

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Outdoor Family Photos in the Woodlands

This family came to me with their brothers and sisters for a combined family session that included individual portraits of each family.  I have special rates for extended family sessions that let you book a two hour time slot and include all family units so everyone gets their own family portrait at a discounted rate than booking separate family sessions. These are especially popular in the fall, to get family portraits of everyone gathered together before and during the holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, those wonderful times of year when the whole family is celebrating together. And what better way to remember these special times than with family portraits!

This family was gathered together at the family home in the Woodlands, a gorgeous home that featured this amazing front step where they chose to have their family photos taken. I had a lot of fun with this family, and everyone came so beautifully styled! Notice how they chose accents of blue in their wardrobe, to achieve a nice colour harmony. And I adore the boots on mom!



With fall just around the corner, I’m already booking fall family shoots for September, October and November and dates are filling fast. Click here to email  me directly about a portrait session for your family and click here to check out my portfolio.

Amber Aileen - What a beautiful home and family! Great job!

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Boho Senior Style – The Woodlands Senior Photographer

I already blogged the first part of Alyssa’s senior session so click here to take a peek at the urban half of her senior portrait session.  For variety, I offer your choice of two locations so you can mix it up a little! At the Pre Consultation, we’ll go over styling and I’ll help you put together which outfits will work best at your chosen locations. With Alyssa’s first location, she chose to shoot at the canals for some architectural elements, framing and neutral backdrops so her colourful dresses popped and took center stage. You’ll get more variety in “looks” for your senior pictures if you choose locations that are different (urban, architectural, field, country, park, shopping district etc ) than you can get if you shoot in similar locations.

For the second half of her session, she changed her wardrobe and we switched from the fashionista to the sublime. She had a distinct vision for her senior photos, with a long flowing peach gown and floral crown so a field was the perfect location in Spring for that look.  For each look, I shoot differently, pose you in a different way and process to match the feel of the overall vision. For this boho look, it was all about soft beauty and serenity.






Time for the last couple outfit changes! I loved all the fun accessories she brought to her session, each carefully chosen to go with the location and match in colour.



Are you still looking for your senior photographer? Click here to view more information about my Luxe Senior Sessions!

Bonnie - These are gorgeous Shannon. You do an amazing job with senior portraits!

April O'Hare - This is such a fun session. I love her outfits. That peach dress goes so well with the processing you did for it. My favorite is that close up shot with the crown on her head. These are super pretty and look like they could be in advertisements!

Samantha Bachand - Holy wow. She is stunning and your work is AMAZING. These are so so perfect!!

Peggy - Oh my!! Your work is nothing short of amazing!!! The serene feel of those shots in the field — wow! I love how you can tie the tones, location, posing and processing together so perfectly to create beautiful works of art. Just lovely, Shannon!

Kerry - Oh Em Gee!! These are just stunning, absolutely wonderful, I can’t fault anything.

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How to Display Your Portraits: Wall Prints

There is nothing that makes a home feel more complete than hanging the family portraits of the people you love on the wall. When you book your family, senior, maternity or engagement session, we’ll set a time to go over the most important aspects of your upcoming photo shoot so your pictures not only exceed your expectations but also are a perfect match for your home.


At your consultation, we’ll discuss your home decor so that the entire look of the final portrait that will be framed for the wall is a match. From the colour of your wardrobe to the style you choose – casual, formal or whimsical – we’ll talk details and find the best location in the Woodlands or Spring area to fit your vision, whether it’s earthy with natural colours or bright and colourful with a modern twist.



Before your in person viewing session, it’s a good idea to take measurements of the space where the portraits will go. In the home entrance, above the mantle in the living room, or in the master bedroom are popular places to hang the large family photo. After you’ve chosen your favourite image for display, I’ll show you how it will look in your chosen size. Different sizes can also change the shape, so an 16×24 will be a different shape (ie. longer or skinnier) than the more square shaped 30×40 because of the change in ratio. Remember – 8×10 prints are gift prints! That is not the size you want on your walls, that is the size of the photo you give to Grandma to frame for her mantle. Go big! Here is a little article I wrote on the difference between gift prints and wall art.

white sofa in a orange living-room


Along with your home decor, your personal preference for colour or black and white photos is also something to consider. I convert some of the pictures in your gallery to monochrome, when the light is right and the background isn’t too busy to  be a distraction. I personally love black and white photography, and most of the large prints I have of my own children and for my family album have been converted. When you purchase a digital file, if there is a black and white copy, you keep them both! So it you are printing, we’ll go over the two options to decide which version is right for you.

Red room

I look forward to helping you get the perfect piece of wall art for your home!

Bonnie - Great ideas for clients to help the get their portraits onto their walls.

April O'Hare - Wow, it’s awesome to see the photos above furniture in these house mock ups! Really gives it a sense of scale and you can really envision how it’s going to look on the wall:)

Samantha Bachand - Nothing better than seeing your work big and beautiful in someone’s home! This is super helpful for your clients!

Alexis - These are such gorgeous photos that I’d put them on my wall and I don’t even know these people!! Great examples;)

Amy G. - What a great post to help your clients with decorating their walls! Beautiful portrait examples as well!!

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Gorgeous Golden Light – Senior Pictures in Spring TX

Timing is everything. The light is so gorgeously mellow and warm in the last hour before the sun sets, and this is when magic happens, truly. Since a senior portrait session with Shannon Stroubakis is up to three hours long so we can fit in all your outfit changes over the locations, your session is carefully planned so the locations, light, and outfits all coordinate together perfectly.

Beautiful Khrissy booked her senior session with me and after she had her make up professionally done we headed out to the woods to catch some gorgeous backlighting on her amazing ombre hair. We were looking for the perfect spot to shoot some pictures for her senior graduation announcements!






Khrissy had some seriously amazing styling happening! The boho style headband was simple and natural, just perfect for our outdoors locations. Then a quick outfit change, she goes from au naturale to girly and glam. I always advise my senior clients to wear heels or espadrilles for their high school senior pictures. They elongate the legs for a gracelook look and force you into perfect posture which helps with posing.  This little peach dress is a great example of what to wear for your senior portraits for when you want a feminine style – dreamy, flowy in the breeze, and a pretty soft colour that photographs well. It’s also the perfect length for senior portraits — short enough for the hot spring day but not a micro mini so it’s still possible to be comfortable and modest for seated poses. And she rocked those poses!





Thank you sooo much to Khrissy and her sister for letting me take their senior pictures. Yes, her sister too! I’ll post a link to sister Kaylon’s senior photos when I get them up!

Class of 2015: are you looking for your senior photographer? I’m already booking in the Fall of 2014 and slots are limited. Click here to see more information about what to expect and click here to view my portfolio. Ready to learn more? Click here to email me directly!

Jeni - Stunning! There’s no other way to describe these! Seriously beautiful work. The lighting is perfection and your posing is always so lovely.

Samantha Bachand - Holy wow. That girl is drop dead gorgeous!! And your work is so breathtaking….love every single one of these!!!!

Amanda Radovic - she is seriously stunning and you’ve captured her so perfectly. Beautiful light, stunning locations….a simply divine shoot.

Alexis - Wow! She is gorgeous and your images are phenomenal!!! She is lucky to have found you!!!

April O'Hare - These are absolutely stunning. She’s gorgeous both smiling and not smiling, but I have to say I was totally drawn in with her smiling photos. Especially the one in the last collage. I do really like the contemplative feel of the one of her sitting on the bride right above that last collage too.

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What to Wear for Senior Pictures in the Woodlands and Spring – Cowboy Boots Edition

Getting ready for your senior pictures is exciting and also a little overwhelming when it comes to the BIG question: What should I wear for my senior portraits? Luckily, when you book a senior portrait session with me, you get unlimited outfit changes and we shoot in two different locations in the Woodlands or Spring,  so you can wear all your favourite outfits. One accessory seems to be very popular with my high school senior clients – cowboy boots!


The great thing about your cowboy boots is that you can build your own style around them, and there are a million different ways you can express yourself. Bright, bold and colourful, understated and simple, or sweet and feminine, the options are limitless! It’s a great way to show off your true Texan style, and even if you’re not Texan born but still want to show you have a little bit of Texas in your heart, it’s an accessory that everyone will recognize and associate with this great state! Here’s a few tips when putting together your outfit:


Maybe your boots have a touch of colour you can work with, for colour harmony, like the teal outfit above. Then you can choose a contrasting and complimentary colour as an accent, for necklaces, earrings or a scarf. If your boots are plain black, brown, or white, choose a colour that looks great on you and photographs well and build your outfit around it, with a complimentary accent. For a country look, teal blue, soft yellow, light peach and airy cream look gorgeous against green fields and dirt roads.


You can incorporate your boots twice over if you choose two outfits to match them. Wear a cute and flirty skirt for one set of shots, and then change it up with skinny jeans or leggings.


Pair your cowboy boots with a jacket or vest over a lacy dress, or add a belt or rows of chunky necklaces to add visual interest and texture to your overall look. Head pieces and cowboy hats also match perfectly!


Show a sophisticated sense of style and wear your cowboy boots with a drop dead gorgeous floor length prom dress,  and shoot in the city streets. Or wear a twirly skirt or tutu-inspired ball gown in the middle of a field. Mixing genres is interesting and shows your unique sense of style!

Check out how some of my senior clients have worn their cowboy boots for their own senior pictures! All different, all beautiful, all showing their Texan style!


Are you looking for your senior photographer? I’m now booking for the Class of 2015 senior portraits for high school students in the Woodlands, Spring, Conroe, Tomball, Oak Ridge and Tomball areas, click here to learn more about the types of senior sessions I offer. Click here to view my portfolio. If you’re ready to learn more about booking a senior portrait session, click here to email me directly.

April O'Hare - I just bought my first pair of cowgirl boots. You have great info for incorporating them into a photoshoot. I love all of the examples you showed too!

Alexis - This is great, and so informative!

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Family Photographer in the Woodlands

I think I met the happiest baby in the world when I shot these extended family portraits this spring! This family came to me for updated family photos, looking for an outdoor location for a bright and happy spring look. We choose a pretty location in the Woodlands to incorporate the spring greenery into their portraits, and we got lucky with such a beautiful day. This family chose a mounted print of the entire family together with their print credit to go with the gift prints with their Premium Collection. Such a beautiful family, thank you for choosing me as your family photographer!

One thing that makes their portraits really stand out is the colour harmony they achieved with their outfits.  With various shades of blue and spring green, they complement each other without being too matching.  It can be frustrating when choosing your wardrobe for your family portraits, but I will guide you before the session to make it stress-free.


Just look at the adorable way he’s reaching out to grandma and grandpa! He totally melted my heart. This is why I love shooting family portraits, capturing the relationships we love and cherish.




I adore the happy smiles this little guy is giving to his grandpa! They had such a sweet connection!





Are you looking for family portraits? I’m now booking for fall family sessions and slots fill quickly between September and November.  Click here to email me directly for booking information.

Alexis - Such a lovely family and great images!!!

Jeni - These are gorgeous! I love how the color have a pretty little pop to them. Your posing is so perfect too!

April O'Hare - Cute photos! I agree that their outfits looks great together. I love the natural feel of that last one.

Samantha Bachand - Gorgeous family! Love their outfits. Posing bigger groups is hard – you rocked it!

Amber Aileen - Beautiful session Shannon! I love your posing and how natural the family looks in these!

Kristen - What a gorgeous family! I love all the posing! That little guy is so cute! I love the one with grandma and grandpa with the baby. So sweet!

Corrie Lindroos - Shannon, these are wonderful! I love a well-coordinated family session – they look awesome. Fabulous session.

Amanda Radovic - Great extended family shoot, it came together so well. Love the natural ones too, especially bubs with his grandparents.

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Senior Products – The Woodlands and Spring Senior Photographer

With the Senior Premium Collections, my high school senior portrait clients receive their entire gallery of gorgeous images on a custom designed DVD for safekeeping. I also include a print credit so you can choose from the a la carte menu which of the products suit you best and how you want to preserve, share and display all your favourite senior pictures.

One of my absolute favourite products I offer is mounted prints. These take your average print to the next level, mounted on artboard for a polished presentation and durability.  When Elena’s order came in, with her big stack of mounted prints, I couldn’t help but snap a few photos of them in all their luxury. Take a peek!

On the left you’ll see one of the boutique designed mounted prints. She chose a deep earthy blue design for the framing. And on the right, the non-framed mounted prints. I offer these boutique prints, with or without a designed frame,  in sets of five on the a la carte menu in both 8×10 or 5×7 sizes.  When I see you for your consultation and viewing appointment, you’ll have a chance to see all these beautiful products in person! For more of the products you’ll take home, click here to visit my Products page. 


Samantha Bachand - Love seeing people get prints that they will actually look at and show off!!!

Liz Campbell - These are gorgeous! I just love the boutique print!!

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Headshots for Local Business in the Woodlands

I had another wonderful opportunity to meet and work with a local business person here in the Woodlands, shooting these headshots for Dr. Jaimie Kocian of JKDentistry in the heart of the Woodlands.  Click here to visit her website.

Dr. Kocian was looking for a more relaxed and natural headshot,  instead of the typical clinical studio type headshots on most websites. She wanted to go outdoors, in the natural light, for a fresh and natural look for her portfolio image. I love to shoot headshots outdoors in our beautiful Woodlands and Spring area, among the greenery and flowers, to give  our local businesses and leaders a friendly face to match their business atmosphere. I’m so lucky I get to work with so many professionals in the Spring and Woodlands area, who serve our area with distinction.


Are you looking for business headshots outdoors, in a natural location, for a fresh and friendly look?   Click here to see my portfolio gallery and click here to email me directly for more information.

Jeni - Love that she chose you to take these beautiful head shots for her. These are so pretty! And I feel like it helps make business people more personable to see them in a less starchy type photograph.

Samantha Bachand - Gorgeous! Blue looks awesome on her!

Kristen - These are really gorgeous! So much better than normal head shots! I need some of these myself!

Kate - These are wonderful. Classic and yet relaxed.

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Variety and the Senior Experience – Senior Portrait Photographer

When it comes to your senior portraits, having a senior photographer who can capture your true personality and offer variety in your senior photos is very important. For this reason, every senior session I shoot is up to three hours long, in two different locations, and allows you to have as many outfit changes as you can fit into your time slot. This ensures that we have the time to get the pictures you want, in all your favourite outfits, without feeling rushed. You want to have FUN during your senior photoshoot, and a stress-free experience.

Without imposed limits, we’re free to get one the most important elements of a fabulous senior photoshoot – variety. To make sure your gallery is chock full of gorgeous images that are unique, I make use of different locations, moods, poses, lenses and most importantly lighting. Great lighting is so important in photography, and having a senior photographer who understands light is key, and who has the professional gear to make our vision for your senior portraits a reality.

Take these two photos of Celenia during her recent senior photo shoot. Same location and shot seconds apart. The difference is the lighting, and it gives each portrait a considerably different mood and look.  The photo on the left was shot to avoid the light hitting the lens, for a clean and crisp close up portrait to show off her gorgeous eyes and skin. On the right, I allowed the golden late afternoon light to seep in and create a bit of haze, for a warm sweet summery glow. I love them both, and she looks like she just stepped out of a magazine!


Are you looking for your senior photographer?


I’m now booking for the Class of 2015 Senior Portraits for high school seniors in Spring, The Woodlands,Conroe, Tomball, Oak Ridge and the surrounding areas. To see my portfolio, click here to view the slideshow.  To learn more about the types of senior sessions I offer, click here to view more information. If you’re ready to book a senior session or want to discuss your vision for your shoot, click here to email me directly.

Liz Campbell - Such great information for seniors! Definitely something important to consider when hiring your awesome senior photographer.

Jeni - These are gorgeous! I would book a senior session with you in a heartbeat if I lived closer and was a senior! Your sessions always have so much variety and your post processing is stunning.

Samantha Bachand - Awesome food for thought! Your work is absolutely stunning!!

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Family Portraits in Spring TX

With summer in full swing, believe it or not it’s time to start thinking about fall family portraits. It might seem too early, but fall family session slots fill up quickly as it’s the most popular time of year for families to get together for their annual portraits. The weather is cooler, the fall colours are beautifully showing and everyone is planning their holiday cards to send out to family and friends.

The wonderful thing about fall also is the colour palette for choosing your portrait outfits. I’ll help guide you with wardrobe before the session to match your chosen location here in Spring or the Woodlands, to match your family’s personality and style. This family coordinates so well with beautiful purple jewel tones and autumn russet reds. Still casual, but carefully put together to match the fall foliage with a little pop of colour.

If you’re thinking about booking a fall family portrait session, I’m now booking for September and October. Click here to email me directly for more information.






Katherine - A beautiful family, and I love the warm colors. That picture with the baby sleeping on mom’s shoulder is especially adorable.

April O'Hare - These are so pretty! I really love the purple shades with the golden colors. They are an adorable family.

Tessa - Anyone would be lucky to call you their family photographer! You do such beautiful work, Shannon.

Jeni - I DO NOT want to think about fall! Lol. But, you’re right. It sneaks up on you and it would be so much easier to be prepared than to be scrambling at the last minute to get things in order. I love these pictures so much!

Amber Aileen - What a lovely session! I love the colors and the sweet moments you captured.

Alexis - These are wonderful! I love your rich tones and everyone’s happy loving expressions:) Great work!

Peggy - This session is just beautiful! Love that one of Mama + babe! Your work is so lovely. Makes me wish I lived in the Woodlands!!

Rhonda - I’m not ready to think about fall yet .. we’re just getting a good summer here! Love mom’s styling .. and the images are wonderful. You can tell they are very relaxed .. esp. sleeping baby with mom .. great capture!

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Featured on M O O D Online Journal – The Woodlands Black and White Photographer

I’m thrilled that my “ghostly” portrait was chosen as a Weekly Winner over at M O OD online journal. M O O D is a breathtaking collection of amazing works of art by international photographers, specializing in artistic and moody photography. Click here to see it on their website.

This image was shot on Acros 100 BW film, with my Nikon 35 mm camera. I still shoot film regularly as it was my first love.

FUJI ACROS 100-07{web}


April O'Hare - That’s really cool! Congratulations:) I’m loving all of the symmetry in this photo.

Jeni - Congratulations! That is so awesome!

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Oak Ridge High School Senior Portraits

With two locations and multiple outfit changes, I simply have to split Celenia’s senior portrait session into two posts since we got so many amazing photos of her! This is Part 1 of her senior photoshoot shot in the Woodlands, with her first two wardrobe choices.We shot for unique perspectives using architectural framing and different angles, for some truly distinct senior pictures. No cookie cutter senior photos here that look like everyone else at your school.

When we met before her senior session for the Pre Consultation, we went over all her outfits and matched them with the types of locations she felt best suit her own personal style. With her beautiful dark hair and gorgeous skin, she opted for bright pops of colour, bold but still feminine with the twirly skirt and super high heels. Love her fashion sense!  Celenia booked the Senior Luxe session, which includes both hair and make up artist styling, and was perfectly glammed up for her pictures. I only work with the best make up artists, with professional grade products.







Time for an outfit change (Fashion Tip: note she still opted for high heels, which makes your frame longer and leaner and helps with perfect posture!) for a different look. When shooting senior portraits, I really want you to showcase all sides of you and wardrobe is one way we express our personality so I encourage all my high school seniors to bring as many outfits as you can fit into your three hour photoshoot.  It’s all about variety and capturing all those different looks that make you unique.




I can’t wait to show you Part 2 where we moved over to a location in Spring for a country/rural look!

If you are still looking for your senior photographer, check out the Senior Info page here and my portfolio here. Then email me with this direct mail form for booking information.

Samantha Bachand - Oh she’s stunning! Love her dress in the first pics! What amazing work you do!

Amber Aileen - Wow, what a stunning girl! I love every one of these. The lighting and processing are divine!!

Jeni - Your senior work is AMAZING! Seriously gorgeous! I love all of these so much. The ones against the stone are my favorites. I can’t wait to see part 2!

Peggy - Shannon, your work is simply GORGEOUS! Love the focus of these images — the framing is amazing. You’ve truly showcased this young woman’s beauty!! Lovely work!

Tessa - Shannon, I’m such a huge fan of your work! These images are stunning. This beautiful senior must be SO thrilled to have these.

April O'Hare - She is one gorgeous lady. I especially love the rich B&W’s in this session. Her eyes and cheekbones look amazing in that 1st B&W photo.

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Celebrating Milestones – The Woodlands Photographer

For this wonderful lady’s very special birthday, the entire family flew in for a family photo shoot as a gift to her.  For special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, the gift of beautiful photographs of everyone together is something the entire family will enjoy and have as keepsakes forever, photographs that are passed down to children and grandchildren.

They chose to have their family reunion photographed at their very own property in the Woodlands. I think it’s a wonderful idea if you have the space and light on your own land to have your family portrait session.  So how is it different when shooting at your home, instead of on location?



Before your session, I’ll visit your home and property to scout it out for the best light and backdrop, so we are prepared before the day of the shoot. I look for natural framing, and corners with filtered light to infuse your family portraits with a sunny glow without the harshness of direct sunlight, irregular patterns of dappled lighting,  or the dull colours and flat light of heavy shade. We’ll have the opportunity to talk about wardrobe choices, and match your perfect outfit with your location and home so your family pictures reflect your style.


This also gives us a chance to evaluate the space where you will hang your family portrait, so when it comes time to order we’ll know exactly which size and ratio will look best, and if a canvas, mounted print or metallic is right for your personal decor.  It also helps to bring together the total colour harmony when choosing your outfits. If your living room is blue and white, we can choose outfits that will complement your space so it doesn’t look out of place.

Being prepared before we shoot ensures all the details are accounted for – the location, the styling and the colours of the room.  You can be confidant that when you finally hang that print on the wall, it will be the perfect fit.

Andrea - What a great gift! Beautiful picture too!

Peggy - Such a sweet + awesome idea! Love the information you’ve provided. A shoot in your own home just can’t be beat! And that couple is adorable <3 Lovely image!

Jeni - Your attention to detail is what makes your work stand out!

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